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Important Probate Terminology


A court-sanctioned process that allows the transfer of the decedent’s property to the living heirs.

Personal Representative

Someone appointed by the court who has legal authority to sign the deed transferring the house to the new buyer. This person will be an ‘executor’ named in the wil or an ‘administrator’ if there is no will.

Full Authority Probate

The most commonly desired way to go through probate. With full authority all you need is letters, orders and notice of proposed action to escrow on the sale of the estate’s real estate.


Limited Authority Probate

The most commonly un-desired way to go through probate. With limited authority you need letters, orders, notice of proposed action, court confirmation and go through an overbid to close escrow on the sale of the estate’s real state.

Successor Trustee

The person left in charge of the estate by the deceased owner. This only applies if there is a trust in place.

Proposition 58

A tax law stating that a property will not be re-assesed to increase property taxes because it was inherited to a son/daughter from their parent(s).

Proposition 193

Same as proposition 58 but applies to an inheritence to a grand son/grand daughter from their grand parent(s).


Step Up Basis

A tax laws that helps an estates heir(s) avoid capital gains tax when they sell the deceased real estate.

The Probate Process

General Probate Costs & Fees


Petition For Probate


Newspaper Publication



Final Petition


Realtor Commissions

5-6% of the real estate sales price.

Probate Referee

1 tenth of 1% of the estate. *Only necessary if court grants limited authority.

Probate Attorney

4% of the first $100,000

3% of the next $100,000

2% of the rest

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