Neighborhood Relocation

Services Include


We will design a sign specifically for your property that allows buyers to virtually tour your home, obtain instant information with a text automation, schedule a tour and even submit an online offer. All while standing outside of your property!


You will receive executive service and representation throughout your entire transaction. Our team has over 40 years of combined experience to navigate you through the listing process, negotations, and closing.


Your property will be beautifully displayed with our engineered marketing plan which includes professional photograpy, 3 dimensional tours, professional website, narrated commercial, social media ads and more.


Erick will assist you in identifying and purchasing your next home. We will submit offers that provide a convenient timeline for you to close on your new home. Erick will refer you to vendors that you may need along the way.

& So Much More…

The Process

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Step 1: Prepare Your Home Sale - Obtain The Highest Sales Price

Erick will professionally assist in preparing your home for sale. We will arranging all marketing tools and create all required real estate property disclosures. Further, upon request, we will assist with staging information or other real estate service providers that may be needed.

Step 2: Professional Photography - Property Website - 3 Dimensional Tour

Presentation is everything when marketing your property. We assist in scheduling a professional and dynamic photographer. We coordinate a captivating property website. Further, we provide 3 Dimensional tours. Our marketing systems are the best in the industry and are designed to deliver the highest and best results.

Step 3: Aerial Drone Footage Floor Plan Tours

Perspective and proportion are much easier to assess from a floor plan, and room dimensions and layout can be more accurately conveyed. Potential buyers will be able to satisfy more of their “buying” questions with a floor plan. High-quality aerial video will give your property will get a competitive advantage that will grab buyer’s attention.

Step 5: Begin Marketing Subject Property and Identify New Relocation Area
Step 6: Identify New Acquisition Property - Coordinate Sale and Purchase

Erick will assist in coordinating the negotiations of your new property. This coordination includes but is not limited to following up with escrow, title insurance, all property disclosures, financing, physical inspections, and all other real estate relocation-related services pertinent to a successful real estate relocation.